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CHEMX: Edtech tool for learning, schools and indiviuals: Revolutionize the way you learn chemistry.
CHEMX Edtech course for online education and learning | The Scientific Process
The Scientific Process
CHEMX Edtech course for online education and learning | The periodic Table
The periodic Table
CHEMX Edtech course for online education and learning | Classifying Materials
Classifying Materials
CHEMX Edtech course for online education and learning | Elements & Compounds
Elements & Compounds
CHEMX Edtech course for online education and learning | Mixtures
CHEMX Edtech course for online education and learning | (Non) Metals
(Non) Metals
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Swedish Edtech Industry

Networking the future of Edtech

Our partnership with the Swedish Edtech Industry is a cornerstone of our commitment to innovation and community in science education. As a vibrant network builder, they connect us with an ecosystem of edtech leaders, startups, and investors. Their focus on creating dynamic, topic-focused meetups and strong networks fuels our growth and knowledge. Together, we explore new strategies, innovations, and business insights, ensuring CHEMX Education remains at the forefront of educational technology and teaching methodologies in chemistry and physics.


Proud Partners

At CHEMX Education, we are proud to partner with Skolon, a pioneer in integrating educational tools. Skolon brings simplicity and efficiency to our platform with its all-in-one tool access, ensuring seamless single sign-on and data synchronization for both teachers and students. Their commitment to data security, with robust GDPR tools and digital tool administration, enhances our platform's reliability. Skolon's integrations empower us to offer a streamlined, secure educational experience, reinforcing our dedication to quality science education."

Swedish Edtest

Helping us test and improve

Collaborating with Swedish Edtest, a national leader in digital learning resource testing, elevates CHEMX Education's scientific curriculum. Their research-based methods for testing in classroom environments ensure the resources we offer are not only innovative but also effective. With Swedish Edtest, we enhance our capability to select and evaluate digital learning tools, guaranteeing that our students receive educationally sound and scientifically accurate content. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing top-tier educational resources in chemistry and physics.

Modern chemistry for modern students.

CHEMX course | Modern chemistry for modern students.

At CHEMX Education, we have ensured that our courses take into account the various topics that are covered in syllabuses around the world. Among our courses and lessons, we will have done our best to ensure that students have all the knowledge needed to complete their studies.

The National Board of Education:
The National Board of Education is the central administrative authority for the public school system, publicly organized preschool, school child care and adult education in Sweden. Here at CHEMX Education, we make sure that all material is covered according to details from the National Board of Education.

We understand that the use of an online education platform is to help the teachers in their jobs. So at CHEMX Education we have worked hard to ensure that there are class sheets available to teachers to make it easier for them to structure their classes if they see fit. CHEMX© also provides the following tools for teachers:

HOMEWORK: Teachers can easily select a class and set homework for students, giving them a lesson (or several), along with a note and deadline.

MARKING: All the individual class pages available to the teachers, you can see the progress of the students and also mark their work individually.

CLASS QUIZZES: A fun way to mark homework is to run class quizzes. Here, the students' homework and their results are presented as a collective group. You can review the answers and create an interactive classroom to encourage discussion and friendly disagreement.

With the modern pandemic close in mind, it's important for schools to have tools available to help with the ever-increasing acceptance of remote classes. CHEMX Education is purposefully built with classrooms and remote classrooms in mind. From doing homework, to the highly visual and interactive nature of CHEMX Education teachers will find it difficult to communicate, assign and view student work.

VISUAL NATURE: Atomic Playground and the Periodic Table are great examples of highly visual and interactive tools that can be used to keep students focused by giving them a simple and tangible set of optics for them to digest.


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